Wetblue / Wetwhite Hides

In cooperation with Möller-Werke in Bielefeld, STURM began wet blue production in 1989 where wet blue ex fresh material is produced. The hides, made available by nearby abattoirs, are taken directly to the tannery in their fresh condition, carefully selected by our own staff and immediately processed to become wet blue. In addition to this merchandise, chilled and pre-selected hides from our other warehouses are sent to the tannery for processing of wet blue and crust. Further, customized selection and processing technology is at our disposal. These can also be determined by our customers. 

Möller-Werke utilizes the latest technology in combination with the most up-to-date equipment available to produce a very strong and dependable wet blue having the ability to be adapted to all sorts of finished leathers.

For those customers who:
  • don’t have their own beam house
  • want to take advantage of lower freight costs through pre-processed merchandise
  • want to make certain that fresh and unsalted merchandise is produced at the highest quality
  • need a partner to help them cope with bottle necks
  • need pre-processed partially complete merchandise especially for their unique production lines

We can deliver wet blue and wet white hides of manufactured German quality.