Friday, 23.12.2021
Market Report

The US $ in EURO

What happened this week: This week ends a day early, although officially tomorrow would still be a half working day. However, almost everyone will already spend Friday at home in Christmas rest and only a few will have to work and so also with us to protect the last commodities of the week from expiring. Business-wise, we didn't expect much from this week, and that was right, at least for the European area. There were still many talks, but these were more to convey Christmas wishes and partly already wishes for a hopefully somewhat freer and more normal New Year. Even in these conversations, the new mutant of the pandemic remained an essential part of the dialogue. What significance it will have for health and thus also for business activity in the coming weeks is unfortunately still unclear. It is not the infections that count, but precisely the people who have to suffer a severe course of the disease and possibly also hospitalisation. First of all, the decisions taken in most countries to restrict public life again are of central importance. For economic activity, the absentee workers and the possible quarantine requirements are  extremely important. The situation on the labour market is already very tight and therefore further absenteeism would be extremely significant. This is not only true for us,  but almost everywhere in the world, and in other regions it is compounded by the ongoing difficulties in maritime transport. As much as one would like to go into the new year with more optimism, concerns about the coming weeks are increasing again. In many sectors, and this includes the automotive sector, which is too important for us, production plans for the next few weeks are again on the brink of collapse. The slaughter industry is trying to prop up the market, pointing to falling slaughterings at the beginning of the year. This is certainly true in Europe, but not in other regions of the world. The fundamentally improved interest from Asia in recent weeks has less to do with positive leather orders and more to do with greater security of supply, as shipments from Europe to Asia are now relatively regular and secure again. However, the news from China is now deteriorating almost daily. There are reports of declining leather orders and many fear a considerable reduction in production in the coming weeks due to increasing infections on the one hand and the upcoming  Winter Olympics in the greater Beijing area on the other. Sales this week were limited to random sales of special items. Due to lack of activity, official prices did not change, except that some of our colleagues are trying to push through higher prices, which is probably rather difficult in the current market environment.. The Kill: The kill continued to decline significantly during the week. Some slaughterhouses even suspended slaughtering for days. After the increased quantities of the last weeks of certainly good stocking in the retail trade, it is neither surprising nor unusual. Next week is not expected to be much different. What do we expect: A lot is now put on hold until the New Year. Everyone looks for a rest from all the various challenges related to the present situation and the future. It only remains at this point to wish our regular readers a Merry Christmas and a few days of peace and reflection with family and friends.
     Happy Christmas!

pe Weight range Avg. green weight Salted weight Avg. weight salted Price per kg green weight
Ox/heifers 15/24,5 kg 22,0/23,5 kg 13/22 kg 20/21 kg € 1,15

  25/29,5 kg 27,5/28,5 kg 22/27 kg 25/26 kg € 0,95

Dairy cows

15/24,5 kg

22,5/23,5 kg

13/22 kg

20/21 kg

€ 0,80


25/29,5 kg

27,5/28,5 kg

22/27 kg

25/26 kg

€ 0.75


30/+      kg

33,5/35,5 kg

27/+   kg

29/31 kg

€ 0.70

Bulls 25/29,5 kg 27,5/28,5 kg 22/ 27 kg 25/26 kg € 1,15
  30/39,5 kg 36,0/37,0 kg 24/34 kg 31/33 kg € 1,40
Wide range
  40/+     kg 45,0/48,0 kg 34/+   kg 38/40 kg € 1,35
Wide range
Thirds 15/+      kg 25,0/27,5 kg 13/+   kg 24/26 kg € 0.45
Thirds bulls 30/+      kg 38,0/40,0 kg 24/+   kg 33/36 kg € 0.55

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