Company operation

Our operations are customer oriented.
This industry is one industry that uses the term customer only – meaning that both our real customers as well as our suppliers are understood and treated equally as customers. This is the result of our business not being able to exist without the raw merchandise (hides) made available to us by our suppliers. Hence, we must treat them just as good as we treat our customers.

For our abattoirs we must be quick, skillful and efficient.
For our tanners we must be quality oriented, flexible and on time.

This is how we achieve our targets

1. Abattoir Collection

We possess a speedy operation of trucks and drivers who collect the hides from the abattoirs immediately after slaughtering. Quick and efficient collection with our own trucks ensures optimal preservation – hides don’t get a chance to deteriorate. The hides are immediately brought to the warehouse without delay after having been chilled at the abattoir or they are immediately ice/air chilled upon arrival at our warehouse.

Immediately upon arrival at the warehouse after pick-up at the abattoir, all fresh hides are iced down, eliminating the possibility of deterioration caused by heat retention. Our staff is aware of the importance of providing the finest possible product and hence, is motivated to do the best job possible in delivering the highest quality in order to satisfy customers’ demands.

2. Arrival at the warehouse

Friedrich Sturm GmbH & Co. KG maintain a number of warehouses throughout the country employing a highly qualified staff and ensuring a high quality product. The smooth operations of our several warehouses ensure quick and fresh preservation. Hence, we are proud to offer the ultimate in standards of quality and the highest level of service. Below the main warehouse of our organization including production and inventory facilities where special requirements regarding hide customization are taken care of to satisfy our customers’ needs.

From the latest in computer technology to the latest in sorting and weighing machines and loading facilities, our warehouses are equipped to deal with producing a quality product and getting it loaded onto trucks and shipped safely and efficiently to our customer.

Product quality is natural to us – just as expected by our customers. Within a short period of time (10-14 days) the hides are organized into completed batches and placed into cool storage (8°C) by our warehouse manager until shipping to the customer which can be performed during any season throughout the year.

3. Product Preparation

Immediate trim and selection of hides ensures prompt feedback, allowing for instant action in controlling possible flays or quality problems caused by an abattoir. Any excess material which is not needed for leather production, following the approved German trimming standards, is removed by our skilled staff to maximize the area of available hide and minimizing any waste to the tanner.

Hides are sorted after being weighed on the computer scale and then travel up the conveyor, which sorts them according to weight and grade. Wet salted conventional hides for sale to customers world wide receive a treatment period including salt and pressure required for moisture removal and preservation. Each hide is individually salted on all corners by hand guaranteeing optimal quality and the entire usage of each and every hide.

Hides then travel to the computer scale where they are weighed, taking the moisture, manure, fat and the general condition of the hide into account for the preparation of consistent yield figures and exact delivery details for tanners. In addition, each hide is individually controlled and selected by our skilled hide specialist. Further, our real time computer stock controlling system allows for constant monitoring of hide weights and quality needed for our reliable and on time production schedule. Our computer supported recording and sorting process has set the standard of quality for years and remains the requirement for a complete and long term quality control program.

4. Delivery Preparation

The packing of hides on to pallets is done with the objective of space maximization in containers for shipping to overseas customers. Each hide is shaken to loosen any excess salt and then precision folded on the pallet assuring preservation and highest attainment of quality throughout the journey.

Our experienced staff of shippers ensure the reliable and on time delivery and distribution of your purchased product throughout the world. After ordering your merchandise, the shipping department keeps you up to date regarding the production and estimated shipping dates and times of arrival in your tannery.

Our expert loader packs the container secure and effectively while export documentation is prepared exactly for you and your country’s specifications. The skilled staff is well trained and experienced for the present challenges of logistics.