Friedrich Sturm GmbH & Co. KG offers a wide array of hides, skins, splits, wools, wet blue and crust from cattle and sheep.


Almost all of our hides originate from large, licensed European Community abattoirs. We have also provided most of the smaller abattoirs in the last few years with skinning machines allowing them to improve and reach their best quality raw merchandise.


As we are located in the countryside where a large portion of the German sheep population graze, we possess a consistent production of lamb and sheep skins. Sheep skin production is sold exclusively as wet salted. Our sheep skins originate predominately from the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein and the Islands in the North Sea.


After years of producing and processing splits from our own tanning operations, we have become now product, logistic and marketing specialist for splits in the tanning, collagen, gelatin industries.

Wetblue | Crust

The hides, made available by nearby abattoirs, are taken directly to the tannery in their fresh condition, carefully selected by our own staff and immediately processed to become wet blue. In addition to this merchandise, chilled and pre-selected hides from our other warehouses are sent to the tannery for processing of wet blue and crust.


Due to the extensive sheep farming in our area of Schleswig-Holstein, we are able to carry out a significant wool production operation.

Specialites and Tradition

In the long history we have gained a lot of expertise and have not forgotten or wasted it. We understand, see, touch and know.