As we are located in the country side where a large portion of the German sheep population graze, we posses a consistent production of lamb and sheep skins. Sheep skin production is sold exclusively as wet salted. Our sheep skins originate predominately from the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein and the Islands in the North Sea , but cover also the Northern part of Lower Saxony and the North Eastern part along the Baltic sea.
Many sheep spend their days walking on the dikes of the north sea coast and as a result the wool attains a thickness. No mulesing in our part of the world.

Sheep skins

  • full combed – 6 cm +
  • med combed – 4-6 cm
  • short combed – 3-4 cm
  • fine Hog – 2-3 cm
  • shearling – up to 2 cm

Lamb skins

  • new season – 3-4 kg
  • lambs – 4/+ kg
  • full combed/ med combed sheep and lamb skin (5-6 kg, 7/9 sq.ft.) – shearlings (2-4 kg, 6/9 sq.ft.) Selections I / II or III Average area is 6½ sq.ft. + average 7 ½ to 8 ½ sq.ft.