Osterhorn, Friday, 03.02.2023
The US $ in EURO 1,0860

What happened this week

This week also dragged on rather like many before. At the beginning of the week, some market participants tried to throw all their tricks and arguments into the balance to give prices a spin and upward momentum. In particular, the low kill is then seen again and again as the central argument to justify higher prices. From our point of view, this was only crowned with very limited success and, above all, on the markets and with the articles that are exposed to currency influences, there was ultimately very little or no success to be seen. Nevertheless, buyers and sellers in Europe had to agree in some way during the week on new prices and quantities for the month of February. It was mostly a really exhausting task and a tough story. In the end, we would summarise the results by saying that there was little change in the December and January prices also for this month. From our point of view, this also corresponds to the current market situation and, to be honest, one could have had this as a result much more easily and perhaps much earlier. As early as January, there was actually a lot to be said for any changing of hide prices as little as possible in the interest of the general situation, at least until a clearer picture regarding the further development on the markets could be identified and explained. Now, this industry is not necessarily known for wise and longer-term considerations. In any case, this means that until the big gathering in Milan at the end of the