Osterhorn, Friday, 09.09.2022
The US $ in EURO 1,0080

What happened this week

Since the holidays, the weeks have dragged by. There are many interested groups who continue to try to paint a different picture in public than the one that is currently presented to the actual active entrepreneur in the business with hides and skins. The hard facts are starting to get the upper hand more and more and unfortunately these are not at all pleasing at the moment. The main problem in Europe is the availability and price of energy. For some, the cost of energy is already rising so fast and so sharply that they are not able to maintain their normal business operations. Every day you can see in the media one or more companies deciding either to shut down completely or to significantly reduce their operations. Many companies in all rationality can already calculate that they will definitely not be able to continue operating with the current energy prices in the coming year. What was pushed into the background by the holiday season in the last few months is now coming out again with all its might and reality. As the situation is developing both faster and more strongly than many expected, there is not much time to think about solutions other than government aid. How long and to what extent governments will continue to be able to take away all financial burdens from companies and citizens after the pandemic aid? Slowly, the optimism that many people were still demonstrating in recent weeks is beginning to wane. For a long time now, the usual theories about the market and business in the near future have no longer been discussed; instead, people have to deal more and more with how to cope with the possible crisis this winter. This also includes