Osterhorn, Friday, 12.08.2022
The US $ in EURO 1,0300

What happened this week

In this and the next two weeks, only the skeleton staff is left in the offices and where production is necessary, such as in our case, they are trying to get through the holiday period with the remaining staff. In our case, and probably in the whole of continental Europe, it is extremely helpful that the kill is still extremely low. The very warm temperatures do not invite people to consume beef and only the restaurants report quite satisfactory business. The water shortage is also playing a major role in many regions and it remains to be seen how the lack of feed and the expensive prices for feed will have an effect at the end of the holiday season. This situation means that the low production and the demand and supplies outside continental Europe are sufficient at the moment to absorb the current rawhide production. This means that there are no particularly large additional kill numbers that could put additional pressure on the market at the moment. This leaves only the question marks regarding the stocks that are said to have already accumulated in many cases over the spring. As is so often the case, assume that where there is smoke, there is also a fire somewhere, but all that will only really become clear after the end of the holidays. There is no particularly big impetus coming from Asia. Only the large industrial producers have little alternative but to keep looking for supplies of raw materials. The small and medium-sized companies obviously have no interest in or need for new purchases at the moment. The result is that the market and the position of the suppliers are tested