Osterhorn, Friday, 17.02.2023
The US $ in EURO 1,0660

What happened this week

After long weeks in which little happened apart from the routine with regular customers with long-term delivery programs, market activity picked up significantly this week. Many enquiries were received, especially from Asia, and not only from China. All other sales markets also enquired about offers and prices. It would not be worth mentioning if it had not been so quiet for so long. However, we call it normality until now and not necessarily any special signal. However, we can say that with the recovery of demand and the return of especially the Chinese tanners to the market, the confidence that the long period of uncertainty for sellers has come to a momentary end. However, the question is still open at the moment whether this also reflects a recovery in leather demand. Only the next few weeks will be able to answer this question, and especially the impressions and reports from next week’s Lineapelle will play an important role. At the moment, it still seems that in most cases it is a combination of relatively low prices and restocking rather than a sudden improvement in demand for leather in general. It is true, however, that a good part of Chinese export leather production has moved out of China to many other countries and they are now certainly trying to recapture this market share. Of course, this cannot be done without raw material and since the delivery time from purchase to arrival takes two to three months, there was not much time to lose. However, the hides sold do not at the same time mean the corresponding increase in leather