Osterhorn, Friday, 23.09.2022
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What happened this week

Now the long-awaited trade fair in Milan has drawn the curtains and, as is so often the case, the knowledge gained varies greatly. One thing, however, remains as always: Milan remains, and here especially through the Italian tanneries, a festival of ideas, creativity and beautiful leather and is not the place where you have to worry a lot about industrial mass products. If the sun is shining and the temperatures are pleasant, almost all faces seen in full, everything actually seems like before Corona again, with the war far away, then just visiting the fair in Italy is a general mood booster. Beyond that, there wasn’t really much new or surprising to experience. The market segment that the Lineapelle serves clearly faces fewer problems than the rest of the industry. Luxury, high-fashion, niche and quality have the same cost problems as everyone else, but the added value is clearly much higher and the problems are correspondingly smaller, with a customer bases which does not need to count the cents for the basics of life. On the surface, all this left a positive impression of the three days of the fair. However, the picture turns very quickly when one meets representatives who represent mass production. Large volumes with low added value combined with sharply rising costs are not a particularly healthy combination. This is of course particularly true for Europe as a production location, which is currently most affected by all the problems. Those who are particularly struck must either hope that governments or a miracle will save them, and this affects the entire supply chain from farmer to retailer. So once again the fair had something for everyone and the good