Osterhorn, Friday, 24.02.2023
The US $ in EURO 1,0550

What happened this week

This week, all eyes were on the trade fair in Milan. Whoever could and wanted to travel to Italy either to actively participate as an exhibitor, to find out about the new trends as a leather buyer or just to get an overview of the mood. In the end, everyone likes to interpret the impressions in such a way that it supports the desired opinion and therefore the comments and views were quite different. For us, the fair confirmed what we think we have been able to recognise in the market for some time. As at the last two fairs, Lineapelle is successful in what it stands for. For the proof that leather is a very beautiful, valuable and creative material and that it can still impress a really large number of people with its beauty and properties. It becomes difficult where leather is an industrial manufacturing material and cannot really be distinguished from its alternatives. It is only for this sector that the fair is not organised, nor does it have any real influence on developments there. For those who produce or seek the beautiful and the special, the fair was certainly a positive event. Nevertheless, it remains the case that this is only the smaller part of the leather industry in which the business development is clearly more positive than in the mass markets. This certainly also explains why the views are very different. As far as our business is concerned, the reflex of most suppliers to immediately take the lower kill as an opportunity to set the asking prices upwards was as intact as ever in the past. No one disputes that most raw material prices are historically low and are not a