Osterhorn, Friday, 28.10.2022
The US $ in EURO 0,9940

What happened this week

As boring as it may be, the market did not really get any new impulses this week, which was simply due to a lack of activity on the one hand and on the other hand certainly also to the fact that people in Europe are waiting for the new contracts at the slaughterhouses for the month of November. Basically, the situation has been the same for weeks. Buyers and sellers alike are waiting for the big event that could drive the market situation and prices in any significant movement or direction. That is not happening at the moment because neither side is feeling much pressure to make big price changes. So for another week, everything will remain more or less the same. The raw material needed for the luxury sector remains scarce, the heavy male material, which finds its home in specialities for shoe leather or in the automotive industry, is waiting for the significantly increased kill and the pressure on the female material has not yet built up to the point where there would have to be emergency sales. In the case of female goods, the price level has already been lowered to such an extent that large downward price changes are not necessary in the short term and, on the other hand, due to the difficult situation of furniture leather, price increases can hardly be considered realistic. The male product is clearly overvalued in international comparison and as soon as the supply can no longer be absorbed so easily, decisions have to be made on how to deal with the situation. From Asia this week came again the same demands as we have seen for months. Either