Market report 15.12.2023

The kill Kills remain at the higher level expected for the weeks leading up to Christmas. Temperatures remain low and the final plans for the rest of the year are slowly being made. Kills should still be relatively normal next week and then be reduced accordingly in the last week of the year due to… Continue reading Market report 15.12.2023

Market report 08.12.2023

The kill There are no surprises in terms of the kill. The quantities are high and normal for the time of year. The catering trade and supermarkets are stocking up for the Christmas trade and the feedlots have to part with their animals. Fortunately, the surprisingly early and cold winter in our regions is encouraging… Continue reading Market report 08.12.2023

Market report 01.12.2023

The kill Kills picked up significantly with the onset of winter and were only hampered here and there by road conditions. As was to be expected, kills of male animals in particular increased, as people are presumably already starting to stock up for the Christmas business. Farmers have also had to move grazing livestock into… Continue reading Market report 01.12.2023

Market report 24.11.2023

The kill Kills are increasing slowly but steadily. Volumes have not yet reached the levels that would have been expected for this time of year. On the one hand, this may be due to the still very difficult meat business, but on the other hand, farmers still seem to be hoping for better prices for… Continue reading Market report 24.11.2023

Market report 17.11.2023

The kill The kills are slowly but steadily increasing. Temperatures are dropping, but we are not yet in a range that is causing farmers to quickly part with cattle. The availability and cost of feed will certainly become more important in the coming months and it remains a very exciting topic how the balance between… Continue reading Market report 17.11.2023

Market report 10.11.2023

The kill Slaughter figures remain relatively unspectacular. Without the public holidays, a normal weekly level has been reached again, but the big seasonal increase still fails to materialise. This only raises the question of whether postponed could possibly mean cancelled. In principle, this is rather unlikely, as the cattle that are ready for slaughter must… Continue reading Market report 10.11.2023

Market report 03.11.2023

The kill This week, kills were again affected by two public holidays. From next week onwards, regular production should then dominate the market until Christmas and produce the highest volumes of the year. The weather conditions are likely to influence the weekly production figures. The distribution across the different types will be interesting. The weights… Continue reading Market report 03.11.2023

Market report 27.10.2023

The kill Weather conditions are now in line with the season. Kills, on the other hand, are neither exceptionally low nor exceptionally high. Peak numbers are only expected in the next 4-6 weeks anyway, but at the moment there is no major pressure from any side. So, the numbers are at normal levels and the… Continue reading Market report 27.10.2023

Market report 20.10.2023

The kill Autumn has come quickly now and one has the feeling that it has simply changed from summer to ‘autumn/winter’. Cool, windy and rainy and this is usually the start of the increasing kill. The volumes are slowly increasing and the main reason is probably still quite good business in beef export. So, we… Continue reading Market report 20.10.2023

Market report 13.10.2023

The kill In the North of Germany the temperatures went down a bit, but it is still very warm for the time of year. The grass is still green and growing, a feeling of autumn has not yet set in and thus a really intense impulse on the kill is not yet noticeable. Nevertheless, the… Continue reading Market report 13.10.2023