Market report 10.05.2024

The kill This week, with temperatures rising and many using the public holidays to take short breaks, kills remain at their reduced levels. Some plants are running at full production, but it should always be noted that this means four production days out of five per week. The meat industry is currently in a phase… Continue reading Market report 10.05.2024

Market report 03.05.2024

The kill Kills at this time of year are always affected by the disruption caused by the public holidays and the resulting consequences for supply chains. In the end, we are not necessarily in the strong beef consumption period in our region, so while the kills are not exceptionally low, the overall production figures for… Continue reading Market report 03.05.2024

Market report 26.04.2024

The kill The weather remained cold this week and overall kills were higher than expected. Many had already announced a significant reduction in kills for this year, but the statistics for the first three months point in a different direction. Overall, cattle kill in the first quarter was higher than in previous years, which should… Continue reading Market report 26.04.2024

Market report 19.04.2024

The kill No big news from the meat market. Slaughtering remains at the lower and seasonal level. The Chinese market has reopened to German beef, so it remains to be seen whether this can develop additional export business at all. Otherwise, any change in slaughter volumes in the coming weeks would be more of a… Continue reading Market report 19.04.2024

Market report 12.04.2024

The kill The beef business also remains very difficult at the moment and is slowly starting to have an impact on kills. This is also not necessarily unusual for this time of year – production volumes will certainly be below average in the coming weeks. With the relatively warm temperatures grass is growing and cattle… Continue reading Market report 12.04.2024

Market report 05.04.2024

The kill Kills are currently reduced due to the public holidays. The shift towards poultry and pork for the barbecue season is already clearly noticeable without any significant decline in cattle kill yet. As soon as the weather improves, we will see whether the return of grazing cattle to the pastures will have a greater… Continue reading Market report 05.04.2024

Market report 29.03.2024

The kill The shortened weeks and Easter reduce the number of cattle kills. Food retailers are reporting a sharp decline in beef sales of traditional winter products and an early switch to barbecue products, which usually boost sales of pork and poultry here. Only in exports is there still good demand for certain cuts. This… Continue reading Market report 29.03.2024

Market report 22.03.2024

The kill Kills remain at the level we have been seeing for many weeks. It’s no more and it’s no less and we don’t think this will change much in the coming weeks. After Easter we will then see whether farmers will possibly make adjustments to their livestock, although this will of course mainly affect… Continue reading Market report 22.03.2024

Market report 15.03.2024

The kill There is still talk from some players of low kills. We are still unable to confirm this. The volumes are completely normal for the time of year and the statistics for January even show significantly higher figures than in 2023. This situation is unlikely to change much until Easter. Then the winter will… Continue reading Market report 15.03.2024