Market report 02.06.2023

The kill The kill is at a normal level for this time of the year. Holidays and a general reluctance to buy beef are also reflected in the slaughter figures. This is nothing special either, and it is similar every year until August, so there will be no major change in our region. Live cattle… Continue reading Market report 02.06.2023

Market report 26.05.2023

The kill The kill remains low. Next week there is another public holiday on Monday and therefore production is  curtailed again. Both from the political side and from general demand, the slaughter industry continues to face an icy wind. This is especially true for pork, but overall it is not much better for beef. Capacity… Continue reading Market report 26.05.2023

Market report 19.05.2023

The kill The kill remains low and due to the public holiday on Thursday the numbers were very small. That puts a strain on operations and costs everywhere, but that it the same situation every year. The next week we have a full production week only to lose another day the week after. The weights… Continue reading Market report 19.05.2023

Marketreport 12.05.2023

The kill We are now in the weeks of the year when public holidays repeatedly interrupt or shorten the weeks. It is extremely annoying both from a logistics and warehouse organisation point of view. The weekly production is thus always reduced and this will continue accordingly in the next few weeks. What do we expect… Continue reading Marketreport 12.05.2023

Market report 05.05.2023

The kill The kill remains unsatisfactory. This week was also shortened by a public holiday and in the remaining days the numbers were also below the quantities that should actually be expected. The meat business remains poor and slaughterhouse utilisation well below normal levels. On the one hand, the livestock figures actually show sufficient supply,… Continue reading Market report 05.05.2023

Market report 28.04.2023

The kill The kill is down again very significantly. The meat business in the supermarkets is simply too bad and we are now at the beginning of the low season in Europe. The relatively low temperatures of the last week did not help what is normally the case. By all accounts, the low slaughter levels… Continue reading Market report 28.04.2023

Market report 21.04.2023

The kill The kill has dropped again over the last few weeks. The beef business is apparently similarly unsatisfactory as the leather business. Temperatures are starting to rise and the cattle will now slowly return to the pastures. There is usually not much impetus for additional beef consumption in Europe at this time of year… Continue reading Market report 21.04.2023

Market report 14.04.2023

The kill The kill was still significantly reduced this week due to the public holiday. Live cattle prices continue to fall at the moment, but it is simply not the time to assume that this could actually boost demand for beef. Temperatures are still relatively low and cattle are not yet going back to pasture.… Continue reading Market report 14.04.2023

Market report 06.04.2023

The kill The kill is of course affected by the holidays this week and next. Productions are very different from place to place, but all in all relatively normal. After Easter comes the crucial phase of how production will continue, as many animals return to pasture and the season of larger male slaughters also comes… Continue reading Market report 06.04.2023

Market report 31.032023

The kill The kill continues at a stable pace. In the next two weeks the quantities will certainly decrease significantly, because the two public holidays on Friday and the following Monday alone automatically reduce the quantities. In addition, the cold stores are well stocked at the moment and apparently they are taking the opportunity to… Continue reading Market report 31.032023