Market report 26.08.2022

The kill The kill was still low this week. However, you can already feel from day to day that the numbers are slowly starting to increase, which is completely in line with expectations and the normal seasonal development. Feed is already scarce and expensive in many areas and with the over 10% drop in production… Continue reading Market report 26.08.2022

Market report 19.08.2022

The kill This week, too, there was little change in the slaughter figures. The level remains extremely low and an improvement can be expected in the coming weeks. The school holidays are slowly beginning to come to an end and the phase of extreme heat at least at the moment in large parts of the… Continue reading Market report 19.08.2022

Market report 12.08.2022

The kill As already mentioned at the beginning, the kill remains extremely low. One can look for all reasons, but the most important one is probably the weather. Many slaughterhouses sometimes suspend slaughtering one day a week in order to at least achieve a reasonably satisfactory level of capacity utilisation for their plants on the… Continue reading Market report 12.08.2022

Market report 05.08.2022

The kill What do we expect We see no triggers at all that could change anything about the current paralysis of the market. The cautious optimism of the first quarter has cooled considerably to date for many well-known reasons. Only the automotive industry is still spreading positive forecasts for production in the rest of the… Continue reading Market report 05.08.2022

Market report 22.07.2022

The kill What do we expect Also this week, we actually do not have much more to add to the assessment of the past week. The Europeans have now said goodbye to the market and there are no signs from Asia that they are willing to bow to and accept the wishes and demands from… Continue reading Market report 22.07.2022