Market report | 04.02.2022

Another rather uneventful week is coming to an end. This is of course due in particular to the holiday season in China, or rather the whole of Asia. The start of the Olympic Games this Friday also plays a weighty role, as the Chinese government is doing everything it can, despite the adverse circumstances, to… Continue reading Market report | 04.02.2022

Market report | 28.01.2022

Disclaimer We are increasingly realizing and have also been notified, that the content of our market report in full or in part is frequently copied and distributed or published without our permission. Apart from the fact, that we are honored by the interest our report consequently receives we would like to draw our readers attention… Continue reading Market report | 28.01.2022

Market report | 21.01.2022

Osterhorn, Friday, 28.01.2022 The US $ in EURO 1,1150 What happened this week All in all, a rather uneventful week comes to an end. While the week before everybody was still talking about the big sales in America and everyone was making up their own opinion about the market from this, was in Europe the… Continue reading Market report | 21.01.2022